Unveiled: Kristian Kostov’s Stage Performance


After what seemed like months of preparation, planning, and speculation, we are finally able to reveal the staging for Kristian Kostov’s live performance of “Beautiful Mess” here in Kyiv.

Just like the song itself, our presentation is straightforward, simple, elegant, and modern, putting all of the emphasis on Kris and his incredible vocals. Using a simple colour palette of black, white, grey, and blue, we’re keeping with the theme of having a single, solitary individual find light in the darkness. This is highlighted by the usage of on-screen graphics emanating from Kris himself, who is acting as a warrior against hate, pessimism, and cynicism, spreading energy and love to the world.

Kris’s outfit was designed by Bulgarian design house Demo Baza, whose other work has recently been seen in a number of popular films, including the Resident Evil and Star Trek franchises.

Offstage, but still vitally important, are Kris’s three backing singers: Eurovision veterans Cesar and Bobo, who supported Poli Genova last year, and newcomer Vlado rounding out the vocal team.

As mentioned earlier, our stage show was designed by Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who has worked on Eurovision performances from Georgia, Armenia, and Cyprus in recent years. Under her guidance and care, we hope to bring you a show that is both memorable and subtle.

On behalf of the entire Bulgarian team, we want to thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. So far, we’ve logged countless hours of work and kilometers of travel in order to bring this performance to viewers across Europe and around the world. On Thursday the 11th of May, the next chapter of the story is up to you. Stay with us at Eurovision.bg for information on how to vote for Bulgaria!

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