Three songs highlighted by the panelists


Three songs were outlined as potential Bulgarian entries for Eurovision 2018. This has been the outcome from the focus groups voting that has been running in the last two weeks. From 13 projects 3 have met the threshold of 7 on average mark in all panels.

Now the results will be discussed with the respective producers in the coming weeks. The final choice will be a result of numerous factors with the leading one being the potential for further development of each project and stage concept among others.

From zero to hero…

The voting has shown a full spectrum of proposals with respect to the quality. All the songs have been split into 5 categories (Awful, Below Average, Average, Excellent, Amazing) and the results show that there were projects fitting into all of the definitions. The top 3 ended up being congested in an extremely hostile environment, as especially the professional juries have been asked to be prudent with their marks.

The scale of personal perception by each of the panelists is defined in the following way:
Amazing (10) should be considered an entry with great chances to win the contest;
Excellent (7,8,9) is an entry that could be destined for a TOP 5 and has a good shot at winning as well;
Average (4,5,6) is an entry that is expected to qualify to the Grand Final but finish outside TOP 10;
Below Average (1,2,3) is an entry  that has some chances to qualify to the Grand Final but most probably will miss it out;
Awful (0) is an entry that should not be considered under any conditions;

The average mark of all the 13 projects is 4,84 while the three best-received projects are ranked above 7,50 each.

Some important limitations

Although meant to be a comprehensive tool for song evaluation, the system has some important limitations. First and most important one, is the fact there is no sufficient data to assign the personal perceptions of the jurors to concrete entries from this year’s edition. The definition of the respective categories relies on common sense and past experience but whether an entry can be labelled as “winning” or “qualifying to the final” depends on the context it has been put into. Said in other words – until we have some more information about the other songs, the above-mentioned definitions are more or less a shot in the dark and should be not taken as an absolute measure.

The other one is that the panelists are judging the current state of the projects which still leaves the analysys of the big picture in the hands of the broadcaster.


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