The submission period for the Bulgarian selection is over


One month and a half was the period for the Bulgarian teams to submit their projects in a hope that one of them will stand out and be encharged with the honour but also the responsibility to represent our country at Eurovision 2018. Yesterday exactly one minute before midnight the extended submission period closed and there is no longer a possibility to hand in a project.

The numbers go up but quality is what matters

Despite the rumours for the reasons behind the deadline extension it’s not the numbers of submitted projects that is a concern. A total of 13 projects are available for consideration, which is a slight increase compared to 2017. This year we used also a bit different concept for the process by establishing a portfolio of demo’s and trying to distribute them to interested singers and producers. We received the record-breaking 202 songs for consideration which is considerably more than the previous accomplishment – 126 songs received in 2006. However, we failed to reach our goal to convert at least 10% of the received songs into full projects. For the next year we have to introduce further corrections to the new model, so that we get the full potential out of it. As far as quality is concerned, we can proudly state that we consider the overall quality of the line up to be higher than last year, although the projects are rough around the edges which was to be expected. That was the reason to give additional extension, so that the projects can be polished further on, while in the meantime we received 2 more and 50 new songs to the portfolio we had as of 20th December.

Internationalisation of the music scene in Bulgaria

This year’s selection is marked by strong international influence in the projects which is a result of the general strategy of BNT to use Eurovision as a platform to improve the local music market and to escape from the isolationism and self-sufficiency. Now the Bulgarian artists feel way more comfortable to cooperate with foreign ones. As a result now we have 3 foreign artists in the selection, one of them with past history in Eurovision. A total of 2 artists can be defined as “returnees” but only one of them is back again as a main vocal. The other one is part of a group. Five teams are a result of joint cooperation between Bulgarians and foreign composers and producers.

A side effect of the commercialization of the projects is the fact that none of the proposals is in a language different than English. For the future we will be looking for a more balanced line-up in that aspect.

The producers have caught the idea – we want a modern sound

Most of the projects are in line with BNT’s policy to prioritise entries with modern sound. There are a lot of different styles. While being commercially viable, some of the projects are trying to be more art and to escape from the pure radio-friendly doctrine. The effect of this year’s winner surely has an influence on the entries we got, although nothing comparable to Salvador Sobral’s music revolution that marked Eurovision 2017.

Is there a winning package?

The question of the questions will be resolved after a thorough examination of the projects with several focus-groups being encharged to assess what we got. The purpose of the system we will use, is not only to outline the best among the proposals but how good it is in the reality. The winner has also to reach also certain threshold in order to be automatically selected.

That way we will get a valuable information where we are in reality. According to our understanding and initial impressions, we got some projects that have a good prospect to be developed into something remarkable and interesting but it’s still too early for any conclusions until we have sufficient and solid data to support our statements.

At this stage we think that we’ve got songs to cover the established criteria and it’s unlikely to be any need of further complications of the selection process.

The timeline

There is still a long journey until we reveal our entry at Eurovision 2017. Until 31st of January we are supposed to select our representative but the whole post production process is scheduled to last until mid-March.

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