The official video of “Beautiful Mess” – introduction


Photo: Virginia Records / Vlado Vassilev

After the successful release of the lyric video for “Beautiful Mess”, the Bulgarian entry for Eurovision 2017, it’s now time to introduce you to the official video as well. From the very beginning we have announced that we think of it as a story built on several layers – the song itself, the video, the stage performance – and we will do this through a cinematic approach to story-telling.

“Beautiful Mess” is a story of contrasting pictures and characters – both on the dark and bright side, all combined into one eclectic mixture

Having such an ambitious combination is often difficult to execute in real life. As the project continued to develop, we realized that it would be practically impossible to tell our whole story through just one segment – just the video or just the stage performance. Combining such different elements could result in a real mess when it comes to a televised performance limited to just 3 minutes, so that’s why we actually decided to split the whole story into two separate, yet complimentary, chapters.

The darker side – Chapter 1: “The world is a mess”

The videoclip will be based on the dark reality described in the song. As it has been stated in earlier descriptions of our song’s themes, we find ourselves living in a world full of confusion, loneliness, tension, and insecurity…walking on the edge. Therefore, our official video clip will contain pictures, characters and associations connected to the reality of darkness. There will be a lot of intense imagery, and our aim is to provoke and motivate people to leave their comfort zone and start thinking about our message. However, the motifs at the end will serve as a transition to our idea for the stage performance, which will show the opposite side of the spectrum.

The brighter side – Chapter 2: “Our love is untouchable”

Chapter Two will be dedicated to the optimistic alternative the song is trying to foster. The main idea of the stage performance is in line with the musical aspects of the song; it will be dreamy, calm, beautiful, extremely emotional and highly visual. While the video clip will be intense, everything in the stage concept is set to be more fluid, focusing on people’s emotions, and the energy that unites us all.

The video will be released on Friday, 31st of March at 19:00 CET on Virginia Records official YouTube channel.

More about the video:

The concept was developed by Milen Dankov – one of the most renowned Bulgarian choreographers and creative directors, with over 15 years of experience in creating memorable choreography and visual concepts for stage, music videos, television shows. Having worked on the staging for the largest music award ceremony – BG Radio Music Awards and the top rated music realities X Factor Bulgaria, The Voice of Bulgaria, he also choreographed Kristian’s debut single “Ne si za men” (“You Got Me Girl”) and Poli Genova’s 2016 Eurovision performance. The video was directed by the award winning music video director Liusi Ilarionov, who has over 250 music videos in his portfolio. “Beautiful Mess” is the second project Liusi and Kristian work on together.

Interesting facts and figures:

A total of 35 dancers engaged;
Over 20 hours of video shooting;
One of the main characters is a Friesian horse who stars in the epic blockbuster movie “300”;
Another notable image is the one of the “kuker” – a shaman-like character, part of an ancient Bulgarian tradition, dating back from the B.C. era. With its scary appearance and unusual body movement the “kuker” represents the dual embodiment of both good and evil. It is a character who helps the good forces to banish evil and restore the harmony in the world.

HQ photos (credit: Virginia Records / Vlado Vassilev)

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