The jury panel: how it’s going to work?


After the deadline for submission has passed, now the next step is to obtain as much information about the quality of the songs as possible. Therefore, we have already established 4 focus groups with different structure of each one.

Pool A: Music professionals, producers, TV experts, marketing managers, etc.;
Pool B: Journalists, Press members, betting experts;
Pool C: Bulgarian jury;
Pool D: Popular group – a mix between casual viewers and devoted fans in a proportion representing approximately the viewing structure of Eurovision Song Contest. The last one is still pending and the final list of members will be available on 7th of January when several candidates from our Twitter challenge will join the existing list of persons.

Each member will vote on an online platform independently. The system will be the same for all the focus groups, but the interpretations of the results and the weight of each vote will vary depending on the respective panel and the individual profile of the member.

How the song will be selected?
These 3 conditions should be in place cumulatively:
1.) To win the overall focus groups voting with the weight coefficients of each focus group taken into a consideration.
2.) To perform consistently within all, or the majority of the focus groups.
3.) To reach a certain value on average without the weight coefficients being taken into a consideration. That means unlike in step 1, here all the votes will be equal.

After we examine all the data and the feedback provided by the members, we will prepare a thorough report about the whole process which will serve as a tool to help the internal selection and the final decision.



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