Sacha Jean-Baptiste is the artistic director of the Bulgarian song for Eurovision 2017


As we all know, voice, music and singing ability is just one side of the Eurovision coin. The other one could be found in the name of the contest itself – vision. That’s the reason why we have been very demanding this year when it comes to the visual part of the project no matter if it has to do with the video clip or the staging concept. Every manager knows it well – people’s capacity to understand your message is the most decisive factor for the successful execution of a project, so to be the best, you need the best professionals. In line with this, we would like to present you our artistic director this year – Sacha Jean-Baptiste. Being one of the most renowned Swedish choreographers with an experience in Eurovision, Melodifestivalen and massive pop stars of the calibre of Zara Larsson and Eric Saade, Sacha Jean-Baptiste was the choice to work with our young artist. What will the stage concept be? How will Kris fit into it? How does it feel to work with such a young performer? We will get these answers from the source as the artistic director of this year’s Bulgarian entry gave us a special interview.

What were your first impressions of Kristian?
A happy, excited young artist that is very proud to be doing this and ready to work hard on the Eurovision stage.

How did the first rehearsals go?
I can tell that Kristian is very used to working with his stage presence and has a good understanding of how to create dynamic energy to match the song’s power.

You are an experienced choreographer and stage concept creator – what are your past projects that you are most proud of?
I’m proud of all my babies! For the live stage, I’ve had the chance to show direct Zara Larsson’s tour, and she is an inspiring artist to work with and one of our biggest pop stars today. That means the engine runs fast on that level, so your work gets to travel a lot. I also LOVE Eurovision! The freedom and excitement to create performances for Eurovision is a magic feeling, and it is something very special to get the opportunity to work with an artist that has the honour to represent his/hers country. It gives my work responsibility and direction I like!

What inspires you when you start creating the staging concept for Beautiful Mess?
The song has clean but also poetic vibe. It’s not only a good and strong pop song, but it’s mesmerising because it gives you that modern feel to it that is now and tomorrow. I like contemporary modern styles in any way, and my work always gravitates towards that.

What element of the singer/song do you want people to notice or you want to focus on?
The clean look and the artist’s eyes. Some of my most celebrated work has been  when I can find that clean, simple energy the artist has and to build a concept around it. I´m sure we´re going to succeed with our entry this year, and I´m really excited to see it in action on stage!

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