“Mission London” completed successfully


London was the place where we launched our promo-campaign for our representative at Eurovision 2017 – Kristian Kostov. Within just two days, he had to experience in a nutshell everything he will do in Kyiv next month – countless interviews, live performances, rehearsals, etc.. That was the reason why we have arranged his participation in all the promotional events in April.

Kristian arrived in London on April, 1st and his first day in the British capital was dedicated to both sightseeing and interviews. The most important one surely was for Wiwibloggs – the biggest and most renowned Eurovision-related website.

In just 20 minutes he had to explain everything about his song including questions like the following ones. How does he feel after being selected as the Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2017? What’s the feeling to be one of the hot favourites for the win? And last, but not least – to explain everything about his origin that just screams “diversity”.

“I’m jubilant to be one of the favourites because that means people like my song. However, that is something I want to stay aside. The only thing that interests me is to perform my song well at the contest in May.”

Kris in London

Besides the interviews, there was some time left for sightseeing as well. That wasn’t Kristian’s first visit in London as the first one was some two years ago when he recorded a song called “Untouchable”. The song is still not available, though. His favourite places include Big Ben, The London Eye, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace among many others.

“There is a magical spirit in London, especially when there is a good weather (laughing). I’m very satisfied that during these two days we have been enjoying a good weather in London. That made the whole experience even better.”

After the interview for Wiwibloggs, Kris was surprised by his fans from Russia who apparently still remember him after his participation in The Voice Kids Russia. They were euphoric to see one of their favourites at the time is now set to conquer such enormous and prestigious music stage like Eurovision.

However, the highlight of the day was when Kristian saw a youngster like him playing the guitar and singing songs of Ed Sheeran. As Kris is a big fan of Sheeran, he didn’t put much of thought before proposing a short impromptu to the young street musician. You can enjoy the result of the joint efforts below.

The performance gathered many people at Trafalgar Square who enjoyed seeing how two young singers make music.

The second day of his stay in London was even more intensive than the first one. There were many questions to be answered. For example, how he will manage the interviews? Will he settle within the Eurovision bubble? How the other contestants will see him and which of those will eventually become his friends?
And last but not least, how he will perform his song for the very first time live?

That it will be an extremely packed day was clear from the early morning. While having breakfast, Kris gave his first interview for the day. It was on the phone for the Bulgarian National Radio. Shortly after that, the schedule was clear – it is time for the Bulgarian gang to proceed to the venue as it was time for Kristian’s soundcheck.

“Performing live is connected to many adjustments we have to do so that everything goes well. The rehearsal is at least as important as the live show itself, and we have been already under pressure since the very early morning.”

But Kris was still to find out what the word “intensive” really means. This word is the best way to describe his session with the journalists at the press centre.

Kristian Kostov and Scott Mills

Initially, it was planned that his interviews should not be lasting more than 2 hours, but these plans appeared to be very far from the reality. Instead, approximately 4 hours and a half were needed to finish his engagements with the media. Two of the most important interviews were with the biggest media outlets in UK – BBC and ITV. For the first ones, Kristian had to record a Eurovision special that will be aired as an interval act on the show in May. This interview was also part of the BBC’s coverage of the show. Kris had to answer questions about himself and his song and everything mixed with the traditional British sense of humour.

For ITV, the Bulgarian representative had to do an exclusive interview for the morning show “Good Morning Britain”. During the interview he was asked the whole spectrum of typical questions, starting with how he was selected to represent Bulgaria to what’s the message of the song. These issues have been easy and clear enough for Kristian as he was well-prepared and had frequently answered in his interviews. However, this pretty predictable sequence was followed by one very unusual question. It was about Brexit and more precisely what will be the consequences for the UK in terms of their Eurovision participation after that decision. Famous for his diplomatic skills, though, Kris was able to give a proper explanation to this tough question.

“I’m sure there will be no influence because of Brexit. Eurovision and EU are not connected, and many countries outside the EU are taking part. So the participation of UK is not at stake because of Brexit, I think. Something even more – I think politics has something to do with Eurovision. It’s pretty enough to have a good song, and I feel your country has what it takes to do well this year. Nothing else can stop you from achieving a good result.”

Besides his interviews for BBC and ITV, Kristian was able to attend more than 20 sessions with journalists of different online media, newspapers and magazines. The already extremely overdue schedule did not allow him to give even more interviews and they sadly had to fell through.

Kristian Kostov giving his heart during the live performance of “Beautiful Mess”

But the thing that undoubtedly had been the highlight of his visit in London was his first ever performance of “Beautiful Mess” live.

“I was extremely excited. One thing is to perform the song in front of the mirror, or a studio, a completely other is to do it for the people in the venue. You have only chance to do well, and there is always that concern whether you’ve hit this or that note. I was thinking how people will react to my performance, how to influence them and reach their hearts.”

Kristian did very well in his first live performance and managed to overcome at least some of his doubts when it comes to how the song will be received by the audience in a live setting. Kris was so excited and touched by the fans that he decided to save the moment forever by making a video selfie.

The whole performance you can see here.

Besides doing well when it comes to the live performance, another critical objective for our representative was to establish new friendships with the other contestants.

“To be honest, the cream of the crop was how I was received by the other participants. Very shortly I managed to become a friend with some of them. For example, we are non-stop together with Nathan from Austria, Manel from Spain, Anja from Denmark and Alma from France. It’s a great feeling.”

Kristian leaves London full of emotions and good memories, but he has to hold his breath and keep the concentration as there is more to come. He already touched down in Tel Aviv where he will take part in the “Israel Calling” promo event between 4th and 6th of April. Then on 7th, he will go back to London for a concert together with the Bulgarian group of music legends – “The Foundation”. Right after his second spell in London, Kris will fly to Amsterdam on 8th of April, and his last stop, for now, will be in Madrid on 15th of April.

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