Kristian Rubs Elbows with New Friends at the Opening Ceremony


Over the past week, Kristian Kostov and his team have been keeping exceptionally busy. From his intensive rehearsals to his chats with the international press to his time exploring Kyiv, Kris has been experiencing a near-constant hum of activity here at Eurovision.

Kristian Kostov and Bulgarian Head of Delegation Joana Levieva-Sawyer (credit: Derek Sillerud)

However, on Sunday Kris had the chance to kick up his heels and have a bit of fun. The 2017 Eurovision Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony brought together the delegations from all 42 participating nations, dressed in their finest. Kris was no exception, and he rocked a modern outfit from Bulgarian design house DEMOBAZA, who also created the outfit we’ll see Kris wearing when he takes to the stage to perform “Beautiful Mess”.

After traveling down the 265-meter-long red carpet (the longest in Eurovision history), which passed by Kyiv’s beautiful Mariyinsky Palace, Kris and his team were transported to the Euroclub, where the Bulgarian flag was lifted into the air over the Ukrainian capital.

Kristian with members of the BNT Press Team. (Credit: Derek Sillerud)

Once at the Euroclub, it was time to party! Kris and his team mixed and mingled with the other delegations, seeing familiar faces that he had met during his promotional tour, as well as new faces from across Europe and Australia. There’s still a lot to be done, but Kris and the crew from Bulgarian National Television know how to play hard while they work hard.

Next up for our Kristian: performing for you at the Second Semifinal. For information on how to support Kris on his journey, check out our page on voting at this year’s Contest.

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