Kristian Kostov to present “Beautiful Mess” in London


The Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2017 Kristian Kostov is set to perform live his song for the contest “Beautiful Mess” for the very first time in front of live audience. It will happen today during the 10th anniversary of London Eurovision Party. The event will meet 25 of the artists competing in the contest this year.

“I am extremely excited about my performance tonight. Yes, it might be true that I have performed many times live in front of big crowds and many cameras, but this time is special. It will be my first performance of “Beautiful Mess” in front of a real audience, and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look like”, Kris stated.

Besides his performance, Kristian will attend a long session with local media. In fact, the young performer already got his first ever interview in English for the biggest Eurovision-related website “Wiwibloggs”. During the session he answered various questions about his song; the challenges he is facing right now as the youngest performer at Eurovision and many details about his life and future as an artist.

As we know, Eurovision is not only about singing and giving interviews; it’s also about fun and meeting new people. Namely, that was Kristian’s main objective yesterday in London, as he had a very emotional day of sightseeing in the city. “London is a stunning city. There is a spirit that is tough do be described, but it’s magical for sure. I’ve discovered new thing even when visiting places I’ve already been there”. However, his best moment was his impromptu performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” on the street, accompanied by a street musician who was singing and playing the guitar. “It was crazy! While we’ve been hanging out in Trafalgar Square, we saw a young guy who was performing various songs of Ed Sheeran. And I just love Ed Sheeran, so I decided it would be very cool if we do something together with that guy. To be honest, the singer was excellent, he had a great voice, and I’m jubilant he agreed to do something together with me”. The impromptu performance of the Bulgarian representative at Eurovision impressed many people passing by who spent some minutes watching how inspiring can be two talented youngsters.

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