Kristian Kostov – the little prince of the big ballads


Yesterday we announced Kristian Kostov as our representative at Eurovision 2017. Many were surprised by the choice, since the news came just before his 17th birthday and many commented on his age. In light of this, we want to take you on a brief journey through the magical performances of this extraordinary young man, showing what he is really capable of.

First, let’s get started with one performance from The Voice Kids Russia from about three years ago. It might be an early chapter in Kristian’s musical life, but this memorable performance shows off his live vocal capacity and natural stage presence. The video is from the audition phase of the show, where participants need to be able to impress the judges in order to qualify for the next rounds. If they do so, then it’s up to them to decide which juror will be their mentor from that point on. In this case, Kris managed to capture the attention of all of the members of the panel, paving the way for him to join the team of the Eurovision champion from 2008 – Dima Bilan.

Just one year after this experience, Kristian was in Bulgaria and decided to try his luck on the local edition of X-Factor. And indeed, the affect he had on the jury goes beyond any words and imagination. You just need to see and tune in to the atmosphere he creates with both his voice and the natural charisma of someone who sings from the bottom of his heart. His cover of Sia’s “Chandelier” is the perfect example why Kristian got such a remarkable reception in Bulgaria and now has so many devoted fans who just love what he is doing.

Last, but not least, comes this fantastic performance of Nick Jonas’s “Jealous”, once again on the stage of X-Factor. Here he manages to create a calm, chilled-out atmosphere. For some performers “calm” can easily turn into “boring”, but in this case, Kristian does quite the opposite. There aren’t many performers capable of doing this, especially at his age, are there?

Do you see a pattern?

If you browse through Kristian’s other performances you’ll see that, generally, his most impressive ones are of ballads and dark, emotional songs. They are his strong suit, and what he enjoys performing the most, and that quite naturally flowed into the song “Beautiful Mess”; it’s moody, it’s atmospheric, and it allows him to show his full artistic potential during a live performance on stage.

Other questions and answers about the project

Why did you say on Twitter that this is a very bold project?
Sending such an artist is never easy decision and goes with a lot of responsibility, hard work and ability to create the right working atmosphere so that a performer feels comfortable as the ambassador of the whole story we want to create.

Why there is no “explosion” (key change) in the song?

Because that is the way it will fit our artist best. There was a need for a different type of ballad which creates a unique type of atmosphere. Another important feature of “Beautiful Mess” is that it is composed with the idea to allow space for improvisation and his own interpretation, so that Kristian isn’t just singing the notes on his music sheet. That is the thing that makes him such a special singer, and chances are that you will see a different interpretation of the song on the stage in May. “Beautiful Mess” is just a framework, like bullet points in a presentation. The rest will be filed in and fleshed out by his feelings, his emotions, and his point of view. Making a natural, honest and memorable performance that touches TV viewers all across Europe (and audiences in the hall in Kyiv) is our main idea this year. Isn’t that exciting?

If you want to ask us more about the project, don’t hesitate to ask us through our Twitter profile. We are preparing a special Q&A series using your questions, so keep them coming!

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