Kristian and his madrileño experience


The Eurovision pre-season is officially over. After thousands of kilometres in travelling, many rehearsals and many live performances, the last one in Madrid was supposed to be the best. Something like a happy-end of a story that is actually about to start.

In reality, the Spanish gala was like a blank sheet of paper. As this was the inaugural edition of the event, the both the local fans and the organisers have put a lot of emotions and enthusiasm. Indeed that stunning passion, unmistakably Spanish, will always stay in the memories of everyone who has been there. There were even fans who travelled from other cities, even quite distant ones, just to meet some of their favourites for a few seconds.

“The Spanish fans are the highlight of this promo-tour. They create such an atmosphere, which just makes you forget everything else. You just want to give these people all the best you can, all the love you have and all the skills you’ve learned. It is just a pleasure for every performer to sing in such an environment!”

Since we are discussing the Spanish fans, maybe here is the right place to point out that they’ve been literally everywhere. Many of them have been waiting for hours in front of the hotel, just to see their favourites. It will not be exaggerated if we claim that at least half of our stay in Madrid looked like that:

Besides the fans of the contest, also the local media was very interested in Kristian with the Spanish public broadcaster paying particular attention to the collaboration between Kristian and Manel. They have been doing many duets in the past few weeks as their voices match together, so it was inevitable to have more of the same in Madrid. But what will be they doing? That was a question to get its proper answer later on during the party itself.

The whole idea was that they would do this as a total impromptu without any rehearsals, soundchecks and anything that means any kind of preparation. But preparation should have been done for the other two songs – “Beautiful Mess” and “You Got Me, Girl”.

Here we had a surprise because last week we decided that it would be a cool idea if we try the song with live backing vocals, meaning that at least one of the three backing vocalists will travel to Madrid. The chosen one was Cesar Samson who was part of #TeamPoli last year as well. It was more or less a bold decision as no one does this during these pre-parties. The reason why this is risky is the need for more precise adjustments and sound-checks. As the parties usually take place within a very tight timeframe, there is no time for that. Here we would like to thank the hosts for their great assistance and professionalism as they did a tremendous job at facilitating our (unexpected) request.

“We thought that the risk worths it because the backing vocals are pushing this song to another level. The coordination between them and Kris is crucial for the successful performance of this song. That’s why we decided that it’s an excellent idea if we use the pre-party in Madrid to test how things would work completely live before the rehearsals in Kyiv.”, said Borislav Milanov who is part of Symphonics who are the music producers of this year’s Bulgarian entry.

“Having such a great singers as backing vocalists make me feel very confident. Having them on stage with me is very relaxing for me from a psychological point of view. All three are just amazing, and I am sure that together we will make an unforgettable performance in Kyiv.”, Kris said.

More information about the backing vocalists will follow shortly.

The rehearsal just proved that this was a good decision because Kristian managed to pull off a performance which was extremely close to the perfection.

That the soundcheck was excellent and everyone was satisfied was already clear, but who would have predicted that there will be another “rehearsal” outside the venue. This time with quite a lot “backing singers”.

A group of Spanish fans has been waiting in front of “La Riviera” since the very early afternoon so that they can meet with their favourites. When Kris went there, however, things got an unexpected direction. Besides the photos and the autographs, he made his fans part of the performance of “Beautiful Mess”.

After that, it was time for a short rest in the hotel before everyone going again to the venue for the Red carpet ceremony and the show itself. Yes, “show” is indeed a good world and not an overstatement. The organisers have put a lot of effort to make the event like a “real” Eurovision – with postcards, opening sequences, LED backdrops, guest acts and so on.


Kristian performed a total of three songs:

Kristian Kostov – „Beautiful Mess“
Kristian Kostov – „You Got Me Girl“
Manel Navarro and Kristian Kostov – „Shape Of You“ (Ed Sheeran)

Part 2 coming up shortly with information about the collaboration between Manel and Kris and more.

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