Kristian, Amsterdam and beyond…


More than 10 000 kilometres of travelling; around 50 interviews with different media; five live performances. All of this in just one week. That was the schedule of the 17 years old Bulgarian representative Kristian Kostov who has pushed himself to his limits.

“That it will be very intense, was very clear from the get-go. However, what happened in reality even surpassed my expectations. Every day many things happening, a lot of travelling, just two to four hours of sleep. I am so excited, but very exhausted at the same time.”

Exhausted or not, there wasn’t much of time for complaints as the cream of the crop was to come in a few hours time – the biggest promotional concert “EurovisionInConcert” in Amsterdam. This year the event was able to accommodate 34 performers in Melkweg, and we will leave it to you to calculate what’s the percentage of this year’s participants in the contest.

Kristian had to travel the distance from London to Amsterdam as he got to the British capital the day before for an extra gig together with the legends from “The Foundation”. The joint concert melted the hearts of the Bulgarians in the hall and was a clear message for a great understanding and cooperation between the generations.

“When you get such invitation, there is no other option but to agree. I am extremely grateful to “The Foundation” for the gesture to share their concert with me. It was a brilliant feeling to be among so many Bulgarians in London. Their unconditional love and tremendous support give me the energy and confidence I desperately need right now.”

Indeed some energy would have been more than welcomed for Kris so that he manages to handle what was bound to be a tough wake-up in the morning. The schedule in Amsterdam is very intense and this year made no difference. Luckily, we had William Lee Adams from Wiwibloggs for that early wake-up call.

“I’ve travelled a lot in the past few days. First I was off to Tel Aviv, then got back to London and now I’m here in Amsterdam. I’m having the moment of my life, but right now I’m drained. To be honest, I’m very grateful for the positive feedback I’m getting for my vocal performance. Right now I’m not in my best shape as I got sick in London and every time it’s a real challenge to do it well.”

Shortly after that Kris managed to get his act together and to prepare for all the interviews, photo shoots, cultural programmes and the short red carpet ceremony. There was also an opportunity to see a bit of Amsterdam, however really just a bit.


We had two highlights planned for the day – the obvious one was the performance during the concert, but there was also another performance scheduled a bit earlier. It was for one of the biggest radio stations in The Netherlands – 3FM. The live performance there was part of the program “On Stage” hosted by the popular radio host and DJ – Giel Beelen. You can watch it here.

“Every time I perform “Beautiful Mess” is like I’m in a unique emotional state. I can’t explain what’s going on with me. It’s like I’m under the control of the song, not the opposite. A very strange feeling I’m experiencing for the first time. I’ve never felt this before.”

After the performance for the Dutch radio, Kristian had to concentrate on the next challenge as soon as possible, because his performance in Melkweg was about to start in a few minutes. The good news from the performance was that despite the circumstances, there is a tendency for ironing out the issues and Kris already manages to feel the song and to deliver both emotionally and vocally on stage. Certainly, there are still things to be improved, but he is already a step ahead compared to the plan and our expectations. So, the positive reaction from the audience in the hall was well-deserved. In fact, Kris got the second loudest reception for the night. And it already bodes well for a performance that is not exactly fitting in a club atmosphere. Of course, the biggest applauses went to the favourite for winning the contest in May – Francesco from Italy who traditionally makes the crowd go wild.

Watch Kristian’s performance during “EurovisionInConcert”.

After the end of the concert, there wasn’t much of a time for a party as Kris was already on the edge of his capabilities. However, there was still something left for one last performance together with other contestants.

This short impromptu marked the last thing Kris had done in Melkweg before he went to his hotel room to rest for his early flight to Sofia in the morning.

Now it’s time for a short rest and a recovery both when it comes to his health and emotions. Then there will be time for new series of vocal and stage rehearsals so that Kris can build on the solid base he has and to correct what has to be corrected from his performances during the concerts in the past few days. If everything works as we plan, we hope that Kristian will be fully up for one last challenge before Kyiv – the big party in Madrid which promises to deliver a great show in the Spanish capital.

Maybe as a conclusion, we should point out something crucial. If there has been someone to doubt whether Kristian is the right choice for Bulgaria or whether he will manage to handle the pressure, now these doubts should be gone. His exceptionally crazy schedule combined with other hurdles he managed to overcome, just prove that this youngster is ready for Eurovision and he is not inferior to anyone else in the competition despite his young age.

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