Kristian Kostov: “Young people are interested in more things than buying fancy shoes”


The young talent is determined to prove his critics wrong and present young people beyond the clichés and labels. He gave an interview to the Danish blog
You are this year’s youngest artist, and enter the competition as the first singer to be born in the new millennium. How do you feel about that?
I’m quite used to being the youngest in all the competitions I’m taking part, so for me, it’s not a big deal. Just a fact.

Despite your young age, you are quite an experienced artist. Could you introduce us to your career so far?
I started my career very young – at the age of 6. I was part of a popular music group called “Neposedy”. I had the opportunity to take part in many different concerts and live events. Then in 2014, I tried my luck in the Russian version of The Voice Kids. There I had the opportunity to meet Dima Bilan as he was my mentor. It was a great experience for me because for the first time I had the chance to see what the music business looks like from the inside. After that, I came in second in the Bulgarian X-Factor and afterwards the biggest music label in my country, Virginia Records, offered me a contract which brought me to a higher level. And now, thanks to the collaboration between BNT, Virginia Records and Symphonics, I’m facing the biggest and most exciting challenge in my life so far – the Eurovision Song Contest.

The name of your entry is “Beautiful Mess” – can you tell us more about the song and what the Message is?
It’s about love, but not as a romantic feeling, but in more general terms. It’s about love for humanity, for the precious things and moments in life, for the things that make us worthy human beings. It’s a song that goes beyond the typical romantic aspect of love.

We have seen you cover hits by big international stars such as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and One Direction. How would you describe your own musical style and influences?
I’m still searching for my own style, and I’m trying a bit of this, a bit of that. I would like to make music with a deeper meaning, not necessarily commercial but something with a message and cause behind it. I think “Beautiful Mess” is just the right song in that aspect. However, I want to do diverse projects at least until I find out what Kristian Kostov’s style should look like.

You had a Eurovision-winner by your side during your participation in The Voice Kids, Dima Bilan. How was that experience? Did working with Dima motivate you to give Eurovision a shot?
It was a crucial moment in my career because that was a great training camp for what real show business is. Dima Bilan gave me many tips how to behave in front of cameras because it’s a tricky thing. He motivated me to choose my career path and to dedicate my life to music, but I have been always up for Eurovision. I’ve never believed that it will come so early in my life, though.

Your song is written by the team behind last year’s Bulgarian entry ‘If Love was a crime’. How did you end up working with this team? And were you involved in the songwriting process?
Symphonics were the ones to call my producer Sanya Armoutlieva. They insisted to work with me and to do this project together. I was very excited from the moment I heard the first samples of the idea for the song. Then we started working together on it.

Can you reveal something about your plans for the staging and song presentation in Kiev? Will you be alone on stage, or will you bring dancers?
I will be alone on stage, although I will have three backing vocals with me. They will be hidden. My performance will be very simple. I don’t feel that there is a need for special props and gimmicks. I want to tell a story and to send a message to the people who watch the show.

You are in high school at the moment, how have you managed to do both your homework, exams and prepare for Eurovision Song Contest?
I’m on an individual program, so I only attend exams at the end of the year.

As this interview is aimed for Eurovision-fans, we would like to know how you feel about Eurovision? Could you reveal some favourite songs or artists from the history of Eurovision Song Contest?
I love Eurovision because it’s like the music factory of Europe. For me, every year has its own vibe and favourite, and I’m not fond of the idea to compare songs between two different editions of the contest. For example, last year I liked Australia and Bulgaria the most, the year before maybe Sweden and Belgium and so on.

Do you have a special message for the readers of (Denmark)?
I know there is no need to say that because Eurovision fans are open-minded. I just want people to stay away from the prejudices and labelling. For example, I’m reading a lot of comments that I don’t sound authentic because I’m just a 17-year-old guy who doesn’t have a clue of the world, et cetera. I just want to say that 17-year-old young people are not kids and we are interested in more things than just buying fancy shoes or another movie on TV. If I have a mission this year, it’s to make this cliché about young people crash and burn. I hope people will understand my point.

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