Editorial: The Bulgarian Jury Vote


Following many accusations of tactical voting by our jury panel, it’s time to clarify few important things. First of all, the Bulgarian delegation has never asked the jury members to downgrade any song based on reasons different than the objective quality of the performance. In fact, contrary to the myths, we don’t have any effective tools to control the way our jury panel behaves. If they have downgraded certain songs based on patriotic feelings, own initiative or anything else different than the professional criteria they are obliged to follow, we will discuss it and take measures so that this never happens again. However, we would like to stress on the fact that our jury has shown integrity in their semi-final and final voting which means that the same criteria has been applied by them. It may be argued whether it’s the right criteria but it’s the same during both shows, so all contestants have been judged more or less fairly. Tactical voting is approach we can’t support as it goes against the spirit of the contest. Moreover it undermines our reputation. We all have interest to produce credible results both when it comes to both jury and televote. Having said that, the discussion should not focus only on our panel, but should be more general. Only with fair approach and without bias we can reach up to ideas how to improve the credibility of the jury panels. The public discussion about the results is actually something good and that’s why these results are published. Juries have as much power as televoters and it’s important for the healthy development of Eurovision to be held accountable and their vote to be discussed and observed by the community. If it is true that our jury panel has been voting on purpose against certain songs, that’s something that should not be tolerated or supported.

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