Dima Bilan: “I’m proud of Kristian Kostov and I will support him”

After past Eurovision winner Ruslana included the Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2017 in her list of hot favourites, another owner of the crystal microphone has expressed his support for Kris. Dima Bilan has been the name Kristian Kostov always refers to when being asked about his first steps in music. And quite logically so, because the Russian star has given him vital lessons how to behave on stage. In an interview for the Russian website mk.ru(read full and original article in Russian) Dima shared his feelings about the achievements of his past alumni.
What do you think about Kristian Kostov who will represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2017?
He looks very modern – both musically and when it comes to his appearance!
It’s the first time Bulgaria is even among the favourites to win. Would you like to send him greetings?
Oh, of course! I want people to know that I was his mentor during his participation in The Voice Russia.
People know it! It’s the headline of his profile on the official Eurovision website, and in all of his interviews, he doesn’t forget to mention you as his guiding star!
I’m very proud! In fact, I want to tell an interesting story. I literally forced him to sing the song “Znaesh” by the Ukrainian performer Rozhdena Anousi. But he was reluctant to do so, but in the end, he sang it with so much passion, that after his performance the author of the song got more than million new views. It turned out to be a great thing for everyone.
It turns out that you saw a great potential in Kristian to follow your steps some years ago.
Absolutely! Of course, there wasn’t such a thought at first. But there was that kind of spark. Kristian is also the youngest performer at Eurovision this year, and I was the first one to bring the contest in Russia.
The first and the last one…
Haha, yes. You can draw a parallel between us.
What made you choose him during the blind auditions?
He was very different. Completely out of the traditional line when it comes to children. All of the jurors wanted him in their teams, but he chose me. He is entirely original and has a captivating voice. A very touching texture – just incredible!
Have you discussed future Eurovision participation with him?
At the time no. But it always has been on his mind taking into an account his capabilities. Kristian also has a fascinating family as well. For example, his brother was attending all of his rehearsals. I can remember how emotional was during the first season of The Voice Kids. There were many rehearsals even outside the mandatory program.
How did you find out that Kristian will be taking part at Eurovision?
It was some two weeks ago when I was in Iceland enjoying the beautiful sights there. While taking thermal baths, my assistant informed me about this. And I was euphoric because now I will have someone to root for as this year we will not have a representative. I will be really rooting and agitating for him because I feel involvement.
Kristian is practically your student. Do you feel proud?
Of course, I’m extremely proud! I saw how he speaks about me in some interviews and I felt very touched. He’s got all the charisma, creativeness, and everything he needs to succeed.
What do you think about the song “Beautiful Mess”?
It’s a stunner of a song, and the video clip is just surreal! It’s very modern – music, video, pitch – everything. Young people, black and white tones. Everything is done with so much style!
You know that much depends on the stage performance.
Yes, of course. But nothing should be absolutized. The most important thing whether the performer can attract people and bring on the magic. There is magic in this boy. He looks like a knight of dark forces. He is fascinating and communicates unusually. It’s interesting how he will present himself on the Eurovision’s stage. For me Kristian has great chances, especially taking into an account that Bulgaria is in an untypical role of a favourite. It should mean something.
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