Bye Tel Aviv! London, Amsterdam and Madrid on the horizon


Everyone knows it – Eurovision is a very intensive challenge. Lot’s of stuff is going on in a very tight time frame. And yes – the reality of enormous efforts behind the Eurovision preparations is something our singer Kristian Kostov is now aware of.

Kristian arrived in Tel Aviv with a flight from London very early in the morning. He was together with some other contestants who were part of London Eurovision, so this was an additional opportunity for him to socialise. Of course, it was already evident from London how Kristian’s gang will look like featuring Anja from Denmark, Manel from Spain, Nathan from Austria and Alma from France.


The best part of the Israel Calling event is that it is intensive but in a nonintensive way. Everything happens within three days, and the whole atmosphere seems very chill and inviting. That was what Kris needed before things go incredibly crazy with his schedule.

“Israel is just amazing! I am here for the very first time, and I already feel like home. The organisers have exceeded themselves!”

Certainly, one of the highlights of all three days was the trip to the Holy Places in Jerusalem. There Kristian wished himself to be healthy and to have success, but also that everything gets better in the world as a whole.


“To be honest, it was the most special moment for me until now. Everything is so fast-paced and dynamic that I can’t realise what exactly is happening with me right now. It was a great opportunity to be alone with my thoughts for a second. Of course, I wished myself luck and to be healthy, but also I prayed for all the people suffering in the world right now. You see what’s happening. We need to live in a better world. Now a significant number of individuals are very far from happiness and to sing songs, so we have to be aware of the fact how lucky we are.”

After the prayer, it was time for some interviews. The Israeli party is organised with the support of the state, so it was understandable that local media focused attention on the event. Maybe here is the right place for some words about Kristian’s media appearance. Without overestimating, we can say the press likes our representative very much. The combination of maturity, humble attitude, expressivity and his perfect English make him a very attractive person for good report. He is extremely well-prepared to handle all the important questions related to him so that we can be very confident his media image is coherent and well-developed.

Another unique event was the process of planting trees in the desert. It’s a tradition in Israel since the inauguration of the state, so this was something vital for the organisers.

“In the beginning, it was tough for me, because I had to dig out some turf, there were rocks, etc..Eventually, my efforts were successful, and after five years I will come back to see what’s going on with my tree. “

Of course, the trips, the parties, the tree planting is something very cool, but the most important thing was still to come. Kristian had to perform his song for the second time. Other 28 performers were also in the line-up.

“Without any doubt – the performance of the song was the most important thing. It’s a priceless experience to have the opportunity to perform live this song and to rehearse it for Kyiv. It is the only way to observe what has to be improved. For the moment my feeling is that I’m doing well, but doing well it’s not enough. It has to be perfect. “

You can see Kristian’s performance here.

In the next three days, Kris will have another two performances in Europe. First, on April 7th he will sing together with the famous Bulgarian formation “The Foundation”. One day later he will be in Amsterdam for the biggest pre-party “Eurovision In Concert” which will be covered by more than 200 media outlets. Kris already has many arranged interviews in local TV and radio stations among other activities planned. It remains to be seen how all of this will be accommodated in his schedule so that we fit in the 24 hours allowed per day. After Amsterdam, it’s Madrid coming on April 15th.

In between Amsterdam and Madrid, however, Kristian will not suffer any boredom. First and foremost he will rehearse the song with his vocal team and choreographer. Having the feedback from his performances during the first events, he will have to perfect his vocal performance and stage presence so that everything is good enough for May. These parties are a golden opportunity especially for countries with internal selections. Otherwise, it’s not possible to give the performer the opportunity to perform live. That way everything can be observed – what is working and what is still to be polished. In that week, Kris will also record his postcard for Eurovision in May. Long story short – there is a lot of work still to be done, although things look very promising right now.

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